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South Florida’s Impact Window and Door Installation Specialists.


  • Add market value to your home

  • Save on energy & insurance costs

  • Protection from burglers & storm damage

  • No more hurricane shutter installation & removal

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Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

One of the major benefits of impact windows is their ability to withstand flying debris; they offer the best protection against hurricane-force winds that threaten properties every year.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), windows and doors are the primary sources of most household damage during a storm—which is why it’s so important to protect them.


Storm impact windows don’t just protect your home with their layers of impact-resistant glass, they also offer an insulating effect. If you use air conditioning or heating but your home has single-pane glass, your HVAC system is likely working overtime.  But if you switch to impact windows, you might be able to reduce your energy costs, as heavier-duty windows prevent air from escaping.


Hurricanes aren’t the only event that storm windows can protect against, they also provide security should burglars attempt to break the glass. Windows that can withstand winds of up to 200 mph are significantly harder to crack.

Unlike plywood or hurricane shutters, impact windows require a one-time installation. Once your storm windows are in place, there’s nothing else you need to do. A hurricane can strike without warning. Luckily, storm windows provide continuous protection so even if you’re not home during a storm and you’re unable to put up additional barriers, your home still has a quality defense.


Storm Protection

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Energy Effecient


Protection from burglars

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One-Time Installation

Nobody Undersells South Florida Window Factory

  • We are the General Contractor

  • We have our own Installers

  • We receive special pricing with our manufactures

  • No Sales Rep commissions

  • All estimates are done by owner

  • SFWF is a family owned and operated business


Do you have some questions? We have the answers.
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Schedule your FREE
In-home consultation & demonstration today!

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