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•    Pre-Purchase Consultations
•    Wind Mitigations
•    Four Point Inspections
•    Roof Certifications
•    Plumbing Certifications
•    Mold/Air Quality Testing
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Our Promise To You
All of our inspections come with a complimentary detailed verbal assessment and explanation when completed. Most inspection companies have the “Get in and Get out” mentality leaving the homeowner in the dark causing the insurance agent to have to answer questions that should have been answered by the inspector.
We Will:
•    Explain discounts that the homeowner may or may not qualify for and how to obtain additional discounts (if applicable).
•    Explain differences from the new inspection and previous inspections due to form changes and or previous inspector error. (if applicable).
•    Send completed inspections within 24 hours of completion.
Four Point Inspections
Visual inspection of the 4 major systems (roof, electrical, plumbing & HVAC) in an older home. Insurance companies want to know that an older home has been maintained and the major systems are in good working order. It is usually REQUIRED on any homes approaching 30 years or older.
Wind Mitigation
The purpose of a Wind Mitigation Inspection is to identify features of your home to determine if it’s eligible for discounts. Examples of wind-resistant features include certain types of roof covering, attachments of the roof deck type and size of nails used to nail the wood roof deck to the trusses), roof-to-wall attachments, (what holds the roof down during the uplift of high winds), the geometry of your roof (type/shape of your roof), secondary water restraint, and opening protection (approved hurricane shutters or impact resistant windows and doors).
Roof Certifications
Sometimes insurance carriers will want a roof certification inspection completed to verify that your roof system has at least a 5 year life expectancy. Insurance carriers will sometimes require this inspection depending on what age your home is to verify the visible plumbing system is in good working order and free of defects.
EIB Construction and Inspections is a Certified General Contractor offering complete services on all Impact Windows and Doors, Residential and Commercial Inspections, Home Remodeling, New Home Construction, and much much more.
We are family-owned and operated and customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Give us a call at 954-636-8535 or email
to find out how we can help you on your next project.
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