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 EIB Construction Goes the Extra Length.

Free wind mitigation with completion of permitting inspection on all window, door, and garage door installations.

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In South Florida, wind mitigations typically cost no more than $200 (depending on sq. Footage) and include an official report with color photos from a licensed home inspector sent directly to you and your insurance agent as a courtesy for joining the eib family. In south florida, the inspection is good for up to 5 years, so that is 5 years of insurance discounts at no charge to you.

Florida statute 627.0629 requires that insurance companies are required to offer all florida residents “discounts, credits, or other rate differentials…” for construction techniques that are proven to reduce wind damage caused by hurricanes and other tropical storms. In south florida, impact windows and doors are the easiest and most effective way to procure a substantial discount on your insurance premium.

All south florida licensed insurance agents highly recommend you invest in a wind mitigation inspection to take advantage of significant discounts to your proposed premium. In south florida, if you have impact windows and doors, having this inspection to get additional credits is highly recommended as these property-specific features are not automatically applied without an inspection. At eib construction, a completed wind mitigation which will procure you discounts for both your new impact windows and doors as well as all other features mentioned below* is included as a courtesy to all our clients for maximum insurance discounts. We use the florida regulated and approved south florida wind mitigation form universally recognized and accepted by all south florida insurance carriers.

We have seen insurance premium discounts for thousands of our south florida impact windows and door clients drop significantly!

A wind mitigation is an inspection conducted by a florida-licensed professional that examines the home’s safety features, specifically concerning its ability to stand up to high winds and major storms.

*Some of the features that inspectors will examine during a wind mitigation are:

  • 2001 building code compliance for entire building (homes built after march 2002)

  • Date of roof installation and if it meets 2001 or newer building codes

  • Roof covering performance & decking attachment

  • Roof-to-wall strength

  • Roof geometry

  • Wall construction

  • Secondary water resistance

  • Impact windows and doors (including garage doors)

The more features your property has, the higher the total discount will be for your property, but do not be intimidated by this list! It does not matter if you have one or all the features listed to receive some portion of the wind mitigation discount.  In south florida, premium determination is very complex and continually changing so we encourage you to review your coverages with your licensed agent on an annual basis.


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